kycDAO is live.

Veri Labs is introducing kycDAO, the interoperable web3 native compliance framework designed to enable compliant smart contracts.

kycDAO is live.

Web3 relies on composability, using "LEGO" blocks to fuel innovation in crypto. As the need for real-world use of crypto grows, the industry must adapt to existing regulations to gain mainstream acceptance. Establishing a trusted baseline is essential for the industry to scale and gain regulatory trust. To make crypto trusted and scalable, kycDAO transforms compliance into a web3 primitive, enabling it to become a major force in the global economy. It's time for a crypto to mature, embrace market requirements, and service real-world use cases in a web3 native way.

Veri Labs is introducing kycDAO, the interoperable web3 native compliance framework designed to enable compliant smart contracts. As a key building block for the future of Web3, kycDAO unlocks existing proofs to become blockchain native for smart contracts and dApps, making regulatory compliance composable. By creating a compliant link between existing CeFi accounts and self-hosted wallets with a dynamic soulbound kycNFT, kycDAO enables dApps, smart contracts, and web3 services to use this knowledge to create trusted ecosystems. It combines tools to enable developers to create and deploy smart contracts that adhere to regulatory requirements. kycDAO is the first step in enabling the compliance of smart contracts and a new trust primitive for a trustless system.

A kycNFT represents a compliant account linked to a blockchain address, maximizing privacy and catering to various use cases. The NFT only stores the validity and type of the linked account without disclosing personal information. It is dynamic, always reflecting the up-to-date status of the account, and kycDAO updates it automatically in case of a change. This update only affects the metadata stored in the NFT.

kycDAO is partnering with projects across sectors such as DeFi, Grants, Bounties, DAO frameworks, Bridges, Games, NFT platforms, and others. Below you can find our ecosystem partners interested in making compliance part of their offering.

kycDAO frens & partners

Beyond that, kycDAO is actively establishing partnerships with a range of regulated off-chain partners (Issuers) to enable web3 native compliance.

We invite protocols, companies, multi-sigs, DAOs, Wallets, CeFIs, on-ramps, and Banks committed to making web3 trusted to join the kycDAO and create a shared web3 native composable compliance infrastructure. As a community, we can enable decentralized services to align with regulations while avoiding industry fragmentation and preventing centralization.

Make trust a composable building block for the decentralized infrastructure stack.

The best part, kycDAO members are the trusted anons of Web3.


  • For regulated partners: Head over here or email us at [email protected]
  • For web3 projects interested in composable compliance: Check out our documentation and start integrating.
  • For wallet holders: Join kycDAO today and become a Trusted anon. (The first year of membership is free for a month).

Let’s build a trusted web3 together.